The Photographs of Sam Wang

Sam Wang

Sam Wang was born in China and grew up in Hong Kong. He received an MFA with a concentration in photography and a minor in painting in 1966 from the University of Iowa. Holding the title of Alumni Distinguished Professor of Art at Clemson University in South Carolina, he teaches photography and łart with computer˛ and participates in overseeing an MFA in DPA (Digital Production Arts) program that prepares students for the computer animation industry.

Sam learned the BTZS system from Phil in the early 80's. His circular works came from a desire to include as much as possible of the landscape that wide angle lenses could give him without going to fisheye. These images came from a 4x5 version of the many cameras that he has built and used through the years. With BTZS, most of the time Sam prefers the incident method. His work is in numerous collections across the country and is represented by The Kiang Gallery in Atlanta and the Schneider Gallery in Chicago.